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Your knees work hard to keep you moving every day. When your knee is injured, it hurts to bend, squat, or walk. Sometimes just standing still or even sleeping can be painful. Dr. Frank Johnson Jr. has many years of experience in diagnosing and treating conditions of the knee.

Knees can be damaged by injury, overuse, arthritis, or general wear-and-tear as you age. If you have swelling, instability, catching or locking, limited range of motion, or a sharp, continual pain in your knee joint, we recommend an evaluation by Dr. Johnson to determine the source of your pain and to discuss possible solutions.

Knee Conditions and Treatments:

Beyond the initial diagnosis, Dr. Johnson will consider your goals, circumstances, and injury in the treatment options he presents to you. He is an expert in minimally invasive arthroscopy of the knee if conservative treatment does not prove successful.

For those looking for pain relief from osteoarthritis of the knee, Dr. Johnson can administer viscosupplementation injections to lubricate the joint. When conservative treatments no longer work, it may be time to consider joint replacement, and Dr. Johnson offers several types of knee replacement procedures:

To get an expert opinion on your knee pain, call the practice of Frank Johnson Jr., MD in Carmel, Indiana at (317) 582-7430 or in Kokomo, Indiana at (765) 453-5815 or request an appointment online now.

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